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Polypixels Order Form


Order Request Details
Please fill out the order form below. Any information that is left out or completed incorrectly will automatically result in termination. All transactions are final. For more information, issues connecting your wallet, or any other inquiries, please email or visit our social media pages for assistance. 


Size and layout options below. Placement will be assigned on the homepage in the order it was received. Our Featured Advertisers Program (FAP) is only available to 10, 14, and 22 Polypixel sizes.


Please select how many Polypixels you would like. *

Please submit a link below of the high-resolution version of your logo or image you wish to appear. You can also upload your file directly by clicking the "Upload File" button. 500 x 500 minimum suggested dimensions (we will size it appropriately once received). No copyrighted, explicit, racist, or otherwise inappropriate content allowed. We support most file types but animated gifs are only allowed with the specific packages outlined above. Visit to host your image and get the shareable link. *


Upload File

Please submit the URL link you would like to be associated with your image. No copyrighted, explicit, racist, or otherwise inappropriate content allowed. Must also be relevant to blockchain projects. Any errors will result in no hyperlink. If you do not wish to hyperlink, please write "No Link". *

REFERRAL PROGRAM ADDRESS. This should automatically populate. If blank, just leave it. Visit our FAQ section to obtain your own referral address. Self referring will result in void of transaction. 

Is your project built on the Polygon network or do you cover content based on Polygon / Matic? If yes, we will send back 10% of your purchase price to the wallet the transaction it comes from. Will be vetted and verified. 

NOTE : Whichever wallet address you are connected to and sends payment will be the permanent owner of your Polypixels. Ownership is verified on chain. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. This will permanently attach your wallet address to the corresponding Polypixel and will be how we verify ownership once the peer to peer marketplace is live. The marketplace will allow you to sell your Polypixel and payment will be sent to that original ownership Wallet. Any error in filling out this form that we are not able to address will result in funds being forfeited. No refunds, this is crypto! *

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